Importation of Animals to Guyana

Step 1: –     Request for an import permit and completion of same by the importer.

Step 2: –     Determination and granting of import permit for the particular species of  animal or bird, based on:


  1. Type and Species
  2. Disease status of country and Region from which the animals or birds are imported
  3. Whether import(s) is/are permitted from the country in question.
  4. Ability of the country and importer to fulfill the requirements for importation
  5. The animal to be imported must be fully vaccinated including rabies vaccine which should be administered 30 days prior to travel.

Step 3:       Preparation and processing of the permit, specifying conditions of import within four (4) working days by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  1. a) Four copies of the import permit are to be submitted for signatures.
  1. b) Permits will be approved b
    1. a) Chief Executive Officer
    2. b) Senior Veterinary Officer
    3. c) Veterinary Officer so designated

Step 4:       The permit is uplifted by the applicant or an individual on his/her behalf.

Step 5:       Twenty four hours’ notice to the Animal Health Unit prior to the arrival of the animal must be given.

Step 6:       Inspection is conducted at the Port of Entry by Veterinary Personnel, to determine the health status and compliance with the import requirements.

Step 7:       Quarantine.


Please Note:

1)         Animals entering Guyana attract duty at all Ports of Entry.

2)         if travelling by a direct flight there is no need to have an INTRANSIT Permit, but if the animal is booked to travel with CARIBBEAN AIRLINES then an INTRANSIT  Permit is needed, processing of which takes approximately 4 (four) working days and all necessary arrangements are made through the AIRLINE for in transit through Trinidad and Tobago.

3) Inspection of animals in TRINIDAD is conducted from MONDAY to FRIDAY, excluding holidays. 

Submitted by the Guyana Livestock Development Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Health Unit

Animal Import Form


Animal Import Permit